Upgrade to an efficient refrigerator

Why? Your refrigerator is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, it uses more energy than most appliances in your home. An old refrigerator uses nearly twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator.
What to look for:
  • ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators/freezers. They are today's most efficient units and help you earn the biggest savings. They come in several styles and with all of the features of conventional refrigerators on the market. Look up efficient models here. Not all refrigerators qualify for the ENERGY STAR certification, so be sure to look for the label.
  • Top-freezer models. They use up to 10-25% less energy than side-by-side models. They are also likely to have more usable space than a side-by-side model.
  • Automatic moisture control. Look for an appliance with automatic moisture control rather than an "anti-sweat heater." Both of these technologies prevent moisture build-up on the outside of the refrigerator, but an "anti-sweat heater" can add 5-10% to the refrigerator's total energy consumption.
  • A smaller model. Over 20 cubic feet, refrigerators become significantly less efficient.

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