Schedule a home energy assessment

Why? Most homes have many opportunities to save energy and money, but it may be hard to decide where to start. We can help you start saving right away when you sign up for a free home energy audit.
How it works:
  • Ask Georgia Power to schedule a free home energy audit, or visit to find a certified expert in your area.
  • When you schedule an assessment, a certified energy expert will visit your home to search for opportunities to save energy.
  • A BPI-certified contractor will complete a visual inspection of your living space, attic, basement, and crawlspaces and perform a number of tests using special diagnostic equipment. The blower door test, for example, measures how much air is leaking out of your home.
  • They will also perform required health and safety tests to ensure that the major combustion appliances (furnace, boiler, hot water tank, stove) are operating properly.
  • Finally, the energy expert will recommend additional steps you can take to increase your home's efficiency and answer any questions you have.

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